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Abel Mateo Forero Tunjano



Abel Mateo Forero Tunjano

Investigador predoctoral. Contratado en proyecto.
+ 34 881 015588 (CICA)

Mateo Forero obtained his Pharmacist Bachelor degree in 2017 and his Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science in 2020, both at the National University of Colombia (UNAL). His end of degree project was focused in the metabolomic profile of the caribbean soft coral Erythropodium caribaeorum, collected in several locations of the Colombian Caribbean Sea and the isolation of the major metabolites. His end of Master’s Degree project was focused in the search of antitumoral agents integrating biophysical, computational and in vitro techniques. An NMR-based interaction study of a library of marine diterpenes against tubulin was performed, three compounds were identified as potential antitumoral agents. During these academic years, Mateo has learned natural products isolation techniques, structural characterization techniques, NMR technical skills, biological techniques, virtual screening abilities, multivariate analysis and MS and NMR-based metabolomics. At the present he is doing his PhD at the Marine Natural Products team group (PRONAMAR) in the research group of QUIMOLMAT at the Advanced Scientific Research Center (CICA) of the UDC under the supervision of the Pr. Dr. Carlos Jiménez and the Pr. Dr. Jaime Rodríguez as a predoctoral researcher hired as researcher by the cross-border BlueBioLab project. His PhD thesis is focused on the search of marine cyanobacterial siderophore to study the Fe(III) uptake mechanisms of these organisms with a genomic approach and the application of these compounds


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