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Lucía Ageitos Castiñeiras

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Lucía Ageitos Castiñeiras
Predoctoral researcher
(Predoctoral assistance from the Xunta de Galicia) 
+ 34 881 015588 (CICA)


Lucia Ageitos obtained her Chemistry Bachelor degree in 2017 and her Master’s Degree in Chemical Research and Industrial Chemistry, with the specialization in synthetic chemistry, in 2018, both at the University of A Coruña (UDC). Her End of Master’s Degree and End of Degree projects were focused on the synthesis of Tonabersat analogs, a drug in clinical trial IIB, and the study of its interaction with connexin 43 (Cx-43). During these academic years, Lucía has learned synthetic abilities, structural characterization, and multiple biological techniques. At the present, she is doing her PhD at the Marine Natural Products team group (PRONAMAR) in the research group of QUIMOLMAT at the Advanced Scientific Research Centre (CICA) of the UDC under the supervision of the Pr. Dr. Carlos Jiménez and the Pr. Dr. Jaime Rodríguez as a predoctoral researcher hired with the predoctoral grant from Xunta de Galicia 2019. Her PhD thesis is focused on the search of new antimicrobial agents from natural sources, specifically, from a bio-active extract of blueberries and studying the Fe(III) uptake mechanisms of pathogenic bacteria.

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